Jan 1

SquareMan-Boy 2 Preview

We decided to suspend work on Jape3D for now and make something for mobile devices instead. We picked development on a game Johan started on as a school project (SquareMan-Boy) and decided to reinvent it now that we have a bit more game development experience. We made a little preview with a few levels to test out the concept: Play Demo (WebGL)

Nov 9

Jape3D (Working Title) has begun

We have started working on a 3D online multiplayer arena shooter with most of the graphics as 2d billboards (Doom-style). Here is a sneakpeak: thumb

Oct 28

Jumper Jape on Greenlight

Jumper Jape is now on Steam Greenlight! Go in and vote for us, we need your support.

Oct 26

Jumper Jape Released!

So we have now finally released our second game: Jumper Jape. Just click the link for downloads or to play it online.

There is also a newly created trailer up on Youtube and an Itch.io site has been created.

We are now excited to start working on our next project but more on that at a later date.

Oct 13

Jumper Jape Update

Things are coming along pretty nicely on our game Jumper Jape at the moment. Some fresh screenshots and gifs are now up on The Jumper Jape page.

The game itself is nearing completion and we will put it here and on itch.io for download/play. Also say tuned to find out what the next Team Jape game is going to be.

Sep 11

Website update

Did some more work on the website, changed how the portfolio page looks mainly. It now gives a bit more info about each game rather then just a bunch of images side by side.

Aug 28

Hello There

Hey everyone, website is now up and running! Check out our projects under the 'Home' tab and feel free to give feedback or send us a message at the 'Contact Us' page.